Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival Reception @ The Sicilian Film Festival

Event Date: 
Monday, April 16, 2012 - 8:00pm to 10:00pm

Sicilia Queer Film Section coming from Sicilia Queer Film Festival Palermo - 5 Shorts: K@biria by Sigfrido Giammona, From Moment to Moment by Fulvio Perna, After by Mark Pariselli, What's the Difference by Maurilio Mangano, Water Welles by Iyar Dyoman and Sivan Levy 90’ Sicilia Queer Filmfest is the first International LGBT Film Festival and New Visions coming from Sicily. It stems from the widespread demand and need to represent the changing society we live in. Using cinema, Queer brings us a fresh way of looking at ideas of citizenship, social justice, civil rights, and personal freedom. Queer goes beyond GLBT issues, breaking new ground in terms of cinematic techniques, as well as unorthodox, independent and alternative approaches to film production and distribution: in other words, what we like to call “new visions.”The second edition of the Sicilia Queer filmfest will take place from June 1-7, 2012, in Palermo (Sicily, Italy), and will host movies from all over the world for the “Queer Panorama.” To introduce the festival internationally for the first time, these five short films from the 1st edition of the Sicilia Queer filmfest will be screened as part of the Sicilian Film Festival. The mission of both the Sicilia Queer Filmfest and the Sicilian Film Festival in presenting these films is “to show to Sicilian emigrants and every American willing to know the Sicilian culture, not only the way for defending and promoting civil rights, but also a way to concretely change society…as Fassbinder says, to ‘free your mind’ as individuals.”

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